The Water System

The plumbing in your house is made up of two systems: the clean-water supply system and the wastewater system. Both systems require periodic attention to keep in good operating condition. However, before you make any major changes in your plumbing, find out what your local plumbing codes require. Most communities have adopted some type of plumbing code.

Clean Water Supply

Water Meter

You have a water meter to measure water consumption for billing purposes if you are on a city water supply or if you purchase your water from a local water association.

You may use the meter, however, to discover how much water you are using for a particular job. First you must learn how to read it. Locate your meter and study the dial carefully. You can usually tell how to read it. One type reads like a car odometer; a second type reads like your electric meter. Each of the five or six dials contributes one number to the total digit. All meters have a special pointer that makes a complete revolution for each cubic foot of water consumed at a given time.

To measure the amount of water you use for a specific task, such as sprinkling the lawn, read the water meter, perform the task, and then read the meter again.

Shutoff Valve

The most important thing to know about the plumbing in the house is the location of the main shutoff valve. If a pipe breaks or the water heater bursts, turn off the main shutoff valve fast. There also should be various "local" shutoff valves. Locate them, too. There should be one under each sink, on toilet tanks, and on the washing machine.

Detecting Water Leaks

If you want to find out if the water stain on your ceiling is caused by a water leak or a faulty roof, use your meter. Make sure all faucets are off, then watch for 20 minutes the one-foot pointer on your meter. If it moves, even slowly, there is a leak.

If you do not have a meter, plumbing supply stores have available amplifying devices to help determine possible leaks. If you are not confident to find the leaks by yourself, contact a professional company like AB Construction to do this work for you.

Water Noises

"Water hammer" is annoying but not serious. It is a phenomenon that occurs when a valve abruptly stops the flow of incoming water.

The problem may be corrected by one of these methods:

Repair Leaking Faucets

Leaks are annoying, wasteful, cost money, and stain fixtures. Most leaking faucets are caused by worn out washers.

Supplies Needed To Repair Faucets:

How To Repair:

Faucets may look different, but they are all built about the same. Mixing faucets used on sinks, laundry tubs, and bathtubs are two units with the same spout. You'll need to repair each unit separately.

Is water leaking around the packing nut? Try tightening the nut. If it still leaks, remove the handle and loosen the packing nut. If there is a washer under it, replace the washer. If there's no washer, you may need to wrap the spindle with "packing wicking"; replace packing nut and handle. Turn water back on at the shutoff valve.

Taking the Interior Outside

There are hundreds of ways to take the interior of your home into your garden and with the weather on the turn it is important to make the most of your garden while you can. Generally people treat their gardens and their homes as two completely separate entities; whereas in reality there is no better way to show off your interior than to reflect it in your garden and vice versa.

Quite a few people neglect their gardens, exclaiming that they are hard work or that they simply havenít got the time to spend the weekend gardening. In fact creating a stress and hassle free garden has never been easier and there are many ways you can create a beautiful outdoor living space. They may not be the most fun things to do but you should try not to avoid the regular garden jobs which can lead up to a major weeding session if not completed as you go! You could always consider hiring a garden for the basics such as weeding and mowing or go all out with a landscaper to help you create the space you can enjoy effortlessly, for hours and hours without worrying about any pesky weeding.

In the same way your interior has a theme which runs through your home; your garden should reflect your tastes and style. There are a few ways that you can slim down your garden, giving you the space to fully explore your style. The lawn is the most demanding feature of the garden, so when considering whether to keep the feature you should think about how much work you are prepared to put into the garden. If you replace your lawn, or at least part of it, with decking then you can add those little touches which make your garden feel like home.

A modern day gardener has a plethora of tools at his or her fingertips and there are many household items that can be used to jazz up your garden. The garden is now seen as the premier outdoor entertaining space and several pieces can be introduced to change your garden into a romantic outdoor space. Lanterns, solar powered lights, hammocks, pergolas and Gazebos all go some way to creating an indoor space outside.

When having a party why not bring some of your tableware and cutlery outside. By jazzing up your garden table with a tablecloth you can make your garden seem like a dining room. Imagine sitting under the stars, artificially or not, drinking a glass of wine surrounded by lanterns. There is literally no better way to spend and evening.

Garden furniture is no longer the bog standard wooden tables and chairs it used to be, so the possibilities are endless. In the end garden furniture can make the transition between indoors and outdoors, just add a few home touches and you are well on the way to the perfect outdoor space.

For more information about how to get an awesome garden revamp, new interior design and much more, click here.

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